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Donetsk County (Ukraine)

Donets'ka Oblast', Doneck

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Донецька область - Донецьк

image by Mello Luchtenberg and Valery M. Napytkin, 19 November 2000

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Cities directly under the oblast / Місто обласного значення

  1. Artemivsk (Артемівськ)
  2. Horlivka/Gorlivka (Горлівка)
  3. Debaltsevo (Дебальцево)
  4. Dzerzhyns'k (Дзержинськ)
  5. Dymytrov (Димитров)
  6. Dobropilla (Добропілля)
  7. Dokuchayevs'k (Докучаєвськ)
  8. Donets'k (Донецьк)
  9. Druzhkovka (Дружковка)
  10. Yenakayeve (Єнакієве)
  11. Zhdanivka (Жданівка)
  12. Kirovs'ke (Кіровське)
  13. Zhdanivka (Жданівка)
  14. Kostyantynivka (Костянтинівка)
  15. Kramators'k (Краматорськ)
  16. Krasny Lyman (Красний Лиман)
  17. Krasnoarmiys'k (Красноармійськ)
  18. Makiivka/Makeyevka (Макіївка)
  19. Mariupol' (Маріуполь)
  20. Novohrodivka (Новогродівка)
  21. Selidovo (Селидове)
  22. Slovyans'k (Слов'янськ)
  23. Snezhnoe (Сніжне)
  24. Torez (Торез)
  25. Khartsyzsk (Харцизьк)
  26. Shachters'k (Шахтерськ)
  27. Yasynuvata (Ясинувата)

Districts (Rayon) and cities within them:

  1. Amvrosiivka (Амвросіївка)
  2. Amvrosiivka (Амвросіївка)
  3. Artemivs'k (Артемівськ)
  4. Velyka Novoselka (Велика Новоселка)
  5. Velyka Novoselka (Велика Новоселка)
  6. Volnovacha (Волноваха)
  7. Volnovacha (Волноваха)
  8. Volodarske (Володарське)
  9. Volodarske (Володарське)
  10. Dobropilla (Добропілля)
  11. Kostyantynivka (Костянтинівка)
  12. Krasnoarmiysk (Красноармійськ)
  13. Krasny Lyman (Красний Лиман)
  14. Pershotravnievyi (Першотравневий, previously Mangush (Мангуш))
  15. Maryinka (Мар'їнка)
  16. Novoazovs'k (Новоазовськ)
  17. Novoazovs'k (Новоазовськ)
  18. Oleksandrivka (Олександрівка)
  19. Slovyans'k (Слов'янськ)
  20. Starobeshe (Старобешеве)
  21. Telmanove (Тельманове)
  22. Shachters'k (Шахтерськ)
  23. Yasynuvata (Ясинувата)

The Flag

Flag and Coat of Arms were adopted on 17th August 1999 for Donets'k Region, Ukraine.
Michael Simakov, 21 October 1999

From the site of Ukrainian Heraldry:
"Flag of Donets'ka oblast' was approved in August, 17, 1999. It is a rectangular canvas with a ratio of the sides 3:2 divided horizontally. There is a rising yellow sun with 12 rows in the upper blue part of flag. In the lower black part there are five yellow ovals, one under another."
Dov Gutterman, 3 December 1999

I recieved more info about the flag of the recently posted Donets'k region flag from Nikolaj Starodubcev (my translation): "Doneck city doesn't have an official flag.About the regional Coat of Arms, I could only say that on the shield is displayed the kind of palmtree once made by a local ironsmith."
Antonio Martins, 20 December 1999

I have found the information on regional symbols of Donets'k Region (Ukraine) at <>:
Coat of Arms and Flag were adopted 17 of August, 1999 by Session of Regional Council. The flag is black-blue with yellow sun in the centre.
Victor Lomantsov, 23 July 2000

The Coat of Arms

image by Michael Simakov, 21 October 1999

From the site of Ukrainian Heraldry :
"Coat of Arms of Donets'ka oblast' was approved in August, 17, 1999. In an or shield with embowed sable base is an azure palm of Mertsalov. The shield is crowned with an or crown with five leafs and framed with two green oak branches. This palm made by smith Mertsalov in 1896".
Dov Gutterman , 3 December 1999

I have found the information on regional symbols of Donets'k Region (Ukraine) at <>:
"Coat of Arms: Or, a Palm Azure issuant from Base Sable. The shield is crowned with golden crown, surrounded with oak-wreath. Motto - "The Opportunity is proved with business" (in russian language). The palm is a famous "palm of Mertsalov". It was made by blacksmith A.Mertsalov. He made it from a rail. The metal "palm" took part in Great Industry Exhibition of 1896. Now the "palm" is kept in Museum in St-Peterburg. The "palm" in modern Coat of Arms symbolizes the heavy work of and the creative work. The crown symbolizes the status of Coat of Arms (regional) Oak-wreath - greatness and reliability. Motto is a saying of famous chemist D.Mendeleev. In 1897 he went in this region and wrote in his notepad: "Recent desert has come to life. Success complete. The Opportunity is proved with business" .
Victor Lomantsov, 23 July 2000

The County

Soviet era name: Doneck. Today: Donets'k (Донецьк).
Antonio Martins, 10 July 1999

From the site of Ukrainian Heraldry:
"On the territory of Donets'k area the Slavic settlements appear in the ?th century. At the end of the XVIth century the Cossack lodges appear. At the XVII century on the territory of Donetsk region the Iziums'kyi Cossack regiment situated. At the XVIII century there was the Ukrainian fortifying line. The industrial development of the territory was connected with the large deposits of coal, which was actively extracted at the end of the XIX – beginning of the XX century".
Dov Gutterman, 3 December 1999

Donetsk Republic

image by Jens Patke, 21 December 2004

image by Jens Patke, 21 December 2004

Three weeks ago, the German TV-News Channel N24 showed a report from the Donbass Region. It was reported on the life of the miners workers. During the time of the election campaign the life of the Russian speaking families improved. The report also showed pictures of a demonstration for the autonomy of the Southern Ukraine. In Donesk, the demonstrators showed the known "Green and Black"-flag of the miners workers. I have seen two unknown flags in the report. Can somebody identify these both flags? Red, Blue and Green ?
Jens Patke, 21 December 2004

image by H B, 15 April 2014

alternate image by Pete Loeser, 19 June 2017

Unidentified flag at Ukraine miners demonstration, reported by Jens Patke, is identified by <> as flag of Donshchyna or Donetsk Republic - easternmost part of Ukraine (Donetsk and Luhansk oblast, maybe also Kharkiv and southern part of Zaporizhe, so called New Russia), where people predominantly speak Russian, even ethnic Ukrainians, and support former president Yanukovych. Flag has three vertical stripes: red symbolise the fight for freedom (rather nostalgy for communism, I think), blue is for water of Donets river and Azov sea and black is for coal, the main resource of regions wealth. I send you variant of Donshchyna flag with inverted colours, undistinct shield and incipit "Donetsk republic".
Jakub Grombir, 6 February 2008

Photos with that flag are here and here. I also found a photo with black variant of flag here.
Aleksandar Nemet, 17 January 2010